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Haibao patented product is the patented technology independently researched and developed by dozens of experts from Battery Research Center of Shanghai Haibao Battery Co., Ltd. by making painstaking efforts and introducing the latest research results of Europe and America, which replaces the common lead-acid battery and gel battery.
Six national patents guarantee that our battery runs farther and show higher durability, stronger resistance to low temperature, more power and better overall performance.


Electric vehicle battery, special battery widely used for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

Model Rated Voltage(V) Rated Capacity(ah) Reference weight(kg) External dimensions(mm)
Haibao 6-DZM-12 12 12 4.4 151*99*98
Haibao 6-DZM-20 12 20 6.95 182*77*170
Haibao 8-DZM-10 16 10 5.1 150*100*110
Haibao 8-DZM-14 16 14 6.7 200*112*100
Haibao 8-DZM-20 16 20 9.7 249*100*125
Haibao 6-EVF-30(Ⅰ) 12 30 9.8 174*165*125
Haibao 6-EVF-30(Ⅱ) 12 30 9.8 318*80*125
Haibao 6-EVF-33 12 33 10.15 267*77*170
Haibao 6-EVF-34 12 34 10.3 225*93*175
Haibao 6-EVF-38 12 38 11.75 225*107*175
Haibao 6-EVF-45 12 45 13.5 225*122*175
Haibao 6-EVF-50 12 50 15.1 225*135*175
Haibao 6-EVF-56 12 56 17 225*150*175

In normal operating environment, Haibao battery is maintenance-free, there is no need to add water, and the cyclical service life is long.

Grid adopts special lead calcium alloy and fully automatic production, with stable quality.

Deep cycle performance is excellent, cyclical service life can reach more than 600 times.

Battery discharge performance is good, internal resistance is small, battery can be easily and repeatedly charged and discharged.

Finished product batteries are grouped through strict performance test, consistency of batteries is good.

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